Mu Cang Chai charming in new May outfit

A Vietnamese photographer captures the magnificence of the Mu Cang Chai terraced rice fields in northern Vietnam as farmers prepare for transplantation.

May and June are the months when farmers plow, sow and transplant their rice fields after the seasonal rainfall softens the soil.

The Mu Cang Chai photo series was compiled by Tran Giang Le Vu from Ho Chi Minh City in May, mostly around Lung Mong Village in Mu Cang Chai Town, Yen Bai Province.

Vu said he spent three days, from May 29 to 31, here and tried his hands at farming.

The author said: "Terraced rice fields are a perfect combination of the mighty beauty of forests and mountains and the beauty of local farmers' labor creativeness over many generations. It makes nature more charming."

Cao Pha Valley in Mu Cang Chai looks like a work of art from the air.

A H'Mong girl in traditional garb prepares for transplantation.

"Farmers tend their fields early, very proficient and quick at their job," Vu said.

Vu has attended three harvests in Mu Cang Chai, most memorably staying with A-Nu, a local here and his family.

A H'Mong child poses with flowers. Children here often follow their parents to the fields, even on hot days.

Farmers follow the terraced trail home after a long day’s slog.

Agriculture provides the main source of income for local ethnic minorities. With tourism in Mu Cang Chai slowly developing, young people often make extra cash as motorbike drivers on peak days or during festivals.

Lung Mong Village is located in Cao Pha Valley, at the foot of Khau Pha, one of northwestern Vietnam’s four top mountain passes for its roughness, height and beauty.

Besides taking stunning photos, visitors can experience staying with locals, follow them to the terraced fields and try their hands at farming.