Towards the skyline in Gia Lai

A road in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai compels observers to admire the lush greenery and approaching skyline.

The slope is part of a road in Ia Grai District of Gia Lai heading to Kon Tum Province in Vietnam's Central Highlands. The stretch is about a kilometer in length, with black senna siamea flowers blooming along both sides. Black and yellow senna siameas, legume natives, are commonly found across the region. They provide shade and act as a windshield for tea and coffee gardens.

The photo series is the work of photographer Chu The Dung, a Gia Lai local who has garnered a stir of social media attention.

The poetic landscape includes Bau Can tea farm in Chu Prong District.

“When wandering around in the early morning fresh air, visitors can catch sight of workers picking tea leaves amid the chirping of birds,” Dung said.

A trailer transports tea leaves to be sorted at Bau Can tea factory in the same district.

Bau Can tea hill is dotted with yellow senna siameas and wild sunflowers ahead of the tea season bloom.

A newly planted, low-lying rice field can be seen from the road. Farmers usually reserve the higher slopes for the cultivation of coffee.

Young fruits bud across an immense coffee plantation in Ia Grai District.

Fruit cultivation is also popular, with produce including jackfruit (pictured), grapefruit and avocado.

A farmer tends his coffee trees laden with young fruit. Thanks to the fertile and basalt soil, Gia Lai has become a "capital of coffee" in the Central Highlands.

December to March is the best time to enjoy the flowering season, which lasts between seven and 10 days.

On the road, visitors come across an intersection with a direction leads to Truc Lam Gia Lai Zen Monastery, about six kilometers from the intersection leading to either Ia Kha Town in Ia Grai District or Pleiku Town.

Da (Rock) Mountain, at about 830 m in height, offers a generous view of the vast lakes intersecting the hills and lush pine forests.

A couple takes a walk on Da Mountain. Many tourists make use of their cameras here.

Another slope passes through pine and melaleuca forests in Gao Commune, southwest of Pleiku.