Tranquil hues dot Central Highlands town D’ran

D’ran in Lam Dong Province, 20 km south of resort town Da Lat, is known for its pristine hills, old pinewood houses and beautiful persimmon gardens.

D’ran Town, hugging Da Nhim Lake, is one of Lam Dong's main tourist attractions, together with charming Da Lat and poetic B’Lao (Bao Loc).

Historical attractions include the D’ran iron bridge, Cham Tower-Da Lat railway station, and Ngoan Muc (Stunning) Pass.

D’ran Town in Don Duong District, Lam Dong Province.

When in D’ran, make sure to visit the stream-hugging wood houses in the middle of the pine forest, rustled by a gentle breeze and refreshing plateau air.

"This house is 50 years old," we were told by our host, sipping tea to the whistling of his caged, great tit. "In high season, we can draw enough shrimp and fish from the stream for 'majestic' meals," he added.

The gardens include all kinds of plants, such as orchids, lime and kumquat, as well as blooming coffee and persimmon trees that create a truly lyrical backdrop.

D’ran locals make a living by farming persimmons, chayote squash, tomatoes, and yardlong beans.

If you are in Da Lat, you can reach D’ran by following the path to Trai Mat, Cau Dat and cross D’ran Pass, the most beautiful path on the outskirts of Da Lat.

If adventurous, don’t forget to visit the old Phan Rang – Da Lat railway tunnel, 100 m in length and 1,400 m above sea level.

D'ran submerged in tranquility.

From Phan Rang Town in south-central Ninh Thuan Province, you can cross Ngoan Muc Pass (also called Xong Pha Pass) by motorbike to reach D’ran. The pass has been mentioned in many songs and poems.

From Ho Chi Minh City, follow Highway 20 and turn right at Finom Crossroad. Besides, you can also take a flight to Lien Khuong Airport and hail a cab.