At Nui Mot Lake, breathe in the sense of vast tranquility

One can easily lose oneself in the deep, vast quietude that pervades Nui Mot Lake in Binh Dinh Province.

One of the largest freshwater lakes of Binh Dinh in south-central Vietnam, Nui Mot has an area of 1,200 hectares. It is located in Nhon Tan Commune, about 40 km from the provincial capital of Quy Nhon.

Several streams, waterfalls, caves and forests are part of the lake’s landscape.

The lake presents different aspects of its beauty at different times of the year. When the water runs low, more rocks and a green grass carpet come into view.

Apart from its natural beauty and quiet, the lake is also a rich source of aquatic products including several species of fish, including tilapia, carp and snapper.

On the lake’s banks, visitors can visit villages inhabited by ethnic minority communities like the Bahnar and get a glimpse into their life and culture – their songs, dances and so on...

Blending into the An Tuong mountain range, Nui Mot is referred to by locals as the blue, beautiful and dreamy eyes of an An Nhon girl. The eyes change color as the sun rises and sets behind the mountains.

The red soil that lines its banks adds to the lake’s beauty. From here, visitors can visit Tay Son District, the homeland of Quang Trung, the emperor of the Tay Son Dynasty, who reigned from 1788 until 1792.

A lonely tree stands near the lake is a great place to sit under and listen to the breeze and gaze at the surrounding scene and enjoy stress-releasing peace.

The mountains, the sky and the lake stand in perfect harmony.

Fishing on the lake’s banks as the sun sets is also a relaxing experience.

A flock of birds fly above the lake.

To get to the lake, visitors can take National Highway 19 to An Truong Village in Nhon Tan Commune, An Nhon Town and take a left turn at the sign that points to the lake. The concrete road runs for about 8 km to the Nui Mot Lake.