Café windows frame Hoi An street life

Two windows at the back of a café in central Vietnam's tourism hotspot Hoi An have attracted many light stalkers and coffee drinkers.

There are multiple Instagrammable spots on Bach Dang Street in ancient town Hoi An. Among them, two apparently uninspiring rectangular windows have attracted much attention in recent days.

The back of a café called Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters is adorned with Bougainvillea that together with the yellow walls, typical Hoi An architecture, make a nice background for the voracious selfie. It is not uncommon to pass by this area and see young people posing for a photo.

At the front of the café lies a pedestrian street skirting the Hoai River. Except for between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., the street bans motorbikes and only allows pedestrians, cyclos and cyclers.

The café offers a nice peek into Hoi An life along the river banks. The best time to take pictures is in the morning or afternoon when the heat is less intense.

Sunset is also viewable from the windows and visitors can sip a beer or take a boat ride on Hoai River under lit street lanterns to savor the local night life.

The interior adds to the allure of the café.

The café’s main staples are different coffees and teas. Prices are higher than at other establishments, ranging between VND65,000 and VND95,000 ($2.8-4) a drink. It also offers cakes and ice-cream.

This can be an ideal location for friend or family gathering, or even a date.

Many visitors stop at the café after a walk in the town, taking all kinds of photos. The windows are always open as there are no shutters.