Ho Tram beach town offers more than meets the eye

Ho Tram in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province boasts the charm of tranquil beaches, reserved primeval forests, scenic hot springs and substantial fishing grounds.

Ho Tram is a coastal strip in Xuyen Moc District, southern Vietnam. Tourism areas in Ho Tram have taken advantage of the town’s wild beauty to elevate itself as a resort destination. Hugging the beach are primeval forests and popular local fishing grounds.

Located only two hours away from Ho Chi Minh City makes it an ideal weekend getaway.

A well-preserved forest of casuarinas and melaleuca accentuates the beach’s green curveline.

Visitors can camp on the beach next to the vast lush expanse. If you prefer a luxury resort, Ho Tram also offers many high-end services close to nature.

To the south of Xuyen Moc District, the Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve of nearly 11,000 ha is one of a few still relatively intact primeval coastal forests in Vietnam.

The reserve boasts a diverse ecosystem, including cajuput trees, wetlands and soaring sand dunes. Many couples choose the site as backdrop for wedding photo sessions.

Visitors can camp in the reserve, which offers various overnight options. A cycling tour here is also highly recommended.

About 200 ha of the reserve is covered by water. Along its south side stretches 17 km of coastline.

It is home to many rare species of oil trees in Vietnam. About 22 rare animal species listed in the Vietnam Red Book are also found here.

Binh Chau Port, the only fishing port in Xuyen Moc District, is especially lively at dawn or sunset when trade is at its most eager.

About five minutes from Binh Chau Port lies a breakwater, an ideal spot for viewing the sunset and passing fishing vessels.

Binh Chau Hot Spring lies inside Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve. Over 70 open-air spots offer visitors the chance of a mineral-rich dip in water.

This location is popular all-year-round. Although research has shown hot springs are good for the health, it is not advisable to stay inside them for longer than 30 minutes to avoid dizziness.

On the way to Binh Chau Hot Spring lies pristine Suoi O Beach, complete with its own fresh water reserves. With few big waves, it is suitable for the elderly and young children.

Ho Coc Beach is characterized by its many rocks. It is located close to the forest’s edge, keeping the crowds at bay.